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Day 5- Woman With the Issue of Fear

There was a woman who had an issue of blood, and the Bible said her faith made her whole. We know that faith is believing in the Lord, but there is also an active component to faith. Our faith should compel us to do something.

Mark 5:21-43 tells us that Jesus was called on by a church ruler named Jairus to raise his daughter from the dead. Jesus was on his way to heal the girl, when he was interrupted by a woman who was ill and who had touched his robe. Only Jesus noticed her.

This woman had been living like a hermit, staying inside and remaining insecure about her position and standing in society. The doctors could not heal her, and society had rejected her.

But when Jesus came to town, she left her house and pursued her healing. I imagine her thoughts were, This may be my last chance to receive my healing! It was a tough pursuit to get close to Jesus, and the woman pressed through a lot of resistance.

In that moment, she was determined to break out of her timidity and get what she needed from the Lord.

No one but the most powerful Healer Jesus noticed her. He asked the woman who touched Him to identify herself. Once hidden and shunned, the woman was now given the opportunity to testify in the open. Trembling with fear, this woman still demonstrated faith by stepping forward to speak truth about her touching Jesus’ robe and receiving her healing.

Her faith had made her whole and healed. Not only that, but Jesus still had time to heal Jairus’ daughter too.

To Jesus, it does not matter if you are a ruler or follower, or if your upbringing or previous experiences were favorable or unfortunate. God still claims you and calls you His own. He has called you to be full and overflowing with His powerful light that shines brightly for Him. May you be hidden no more. Even if your voice shakes because of fear, speak truth and shine brightly for God!

Let’s pray:

Dear Lord, just as this woman was desperate to get her healing from You, we are desperate to see You move like only You can in this day and age. Many of us have been rejected and written off, and have retreated as a result of the rejection But now we feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit who is telling us to come out of hiding and pursue You like never before. We are ready to use the voice that You have given us. We are ready to use the strength from the experiences that You have taken us through to come out of hiding. Give us the platform, so we can speak truth! Even if our voice shakes, let us speak and shine brightly for Your glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Mark 5:21-43

Matthew 5:16

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