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 Winning The Battle Against Timidity 

unprideful light

We are living in unprecedented times when the voice of the church is needed more than ever. In this book, Unprideful Light: Winning The Battle Against Timidity, we will study Biblical characters who learned how to show up and speak out courageously in the face of fear. The world is waiting for a move of the Spirit, and it will require repentance, radical faith, and action; which this book promotes. Join me on this journey to  becoming God’s Unprideful Light.

We often associate timidity with humility, but is it really a prideful source of disobedience to God's call on our lives? While being easy reading, Chontali's writing is incisive and challenges us to self-evaluation. The format of this book offers not only insightful information about battling timidity, but it also provides a tool for spiritual growth and development.

— Gwen Smith, Ministry Leader and Bible Teacher

In “Unprideful Light,” Chontali introduces a new paradigm regarding pride that we have not seen as such. Utilizing personal transparency and prominent Bible characters, Chontali reveals just how damaging the thought of “not being good enough” can be. Hope and encouragement are provided in overcoming this erroneous thinking about oneself to actually see it for what it is­––a barrier which hinders you from fulfilling God’s calling. After reading this book, you’ll be ready to fulfill what you were born to do.

— Kenneth Mulkey, Pastor and Author

"This book is a must-read if you are struggling with stepping out of your comfort zone and wanting to walk in your purpose!"

  –Torisha Monday, Certified Life Coach

"To anyone emerging in your purpose, and especially to those answering the call to do ministry, this is the book to read." 

-Dr. Najuma Smith-Pollard, Pastor, Word of Encouragement Church

"This book is not only revelation knowledge, but it is life-giving power to those trapped behind the trick of timidity."

-Chante Truscott, Founder, Wives in Waiting

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